Electric Venting Skylights

P_PR_VSE_00041_280_373Electric venting skylights are the perfect daylighting solution for overhead applications. They bring in abundant natural light and open to let in fresh air. They are are designed for any room requiring natural ventilation, such as kitchens and baths, where electric operation is desired.

The skylight comes with a pre-installed concealed motor and control system.
One rain sensor that automatically closes your skylight during inclement weather is also included.

Electric venting skylights carry a 10-year installation warranty, with a 20-year warranty on glass, 10-years on product, and five-years on blinds and controls.

These skylights meet ENERGY STAR® approval guidelines for energy efficiency in all climatic regions of the U.S. This means homeowners are eligible for a 30 percent Federal tax credit. Most people receive an average of $850 in tax credits.