Case Studies

Old Town Alexandria

A recent Sun Solutions project in an Old Town Alexandria house is a prime example of how we can make a huge difference in a house and the lives of those who live there.

The hard-to-access row house had nine existing bubble skylights that had reached the end of their lives. The client initially asked Sun Solutions to replace them and install three additional skylights.

In order to create the best living space, Sun Solutions recommended adding several skylights—some venting, some with blackout or roller shades—to improve the home’s overall lighting and ventilation. We believed this would create the living space the client truly desired.

The homeowner agreed. As a result, the project went from nine bubble replacements and three new installations to a 51-skylight installation. This included adding 12 venting skylights, 33 with blackout blinds and 18 with roller blinds, to create an overall climate control system.

With the combination of venting skylights and blinds, the homeowner now has a cost-effective way to cool the home using passive ventilation. In the winter, the homeowner uses passive solar to assist the mechanical heater.

Sun Solutions specializes in jobs that others cannot do—the more challenging, the better!